What’s Happing in the Wonderful World of TV and Displays.

What’s Happing in the Wonderful World of TV and Displays.

Tune into the latest in video technology.

Did you know that the average US home now has nearly 3 TVs? If you’re thinking about upgrading yours and your home, you may be curious how to select the right TV for you with today’s many options. Big screens, flatscreens, 4K, OLED, 8K, video projectors – how do you get started? At Jamisons’ AV, we can help by understanding your interests and needs. We have a highly-experienced team that’s up on all the new video and entertainment technologies plus we provide and install them regularly. We’ve been helping customers feel confident about their TV choice for as long as TVs have been available, and we’d be happy to help.

Today’s world of TVs.

TVs today are available in all sizes to accommodate a small den up to a full-blown home theater, and everything in between. Displays today are thinner, smarter and more brilliant. So, if you’re in the market, you have some great options.

While 85-inch displays have been the biggest in recent years, this year, Sony is introducing their 100-inch TV. And the definition and viewing experience will be off the charts. For those who don’t like technology to be ever present, we offer stunning new Art TVs that are as thin as can be and look like fine art when they’re not in use. For the great outdoors, there are wonderful weatherproof TVs that look as great in the sun as they do in the shade.

The right display product can even make your old movies look better than you remember because they actually DO become better than you remember. One example is Sony’s advanced 8K upscaling. Their BRAVIA XR Master Series TVs make 2K or 4K signals close to true 8K quality for incredibly immersive viewing. At Jamiesons’ AV, we have access to a huge array of displays, and can consult with you to meet your space and budget needs.

Should I consider a Video Projector?

If you are interested in a dedicated room for entertainment or a home theater, you might consider the latest in projection technology which delivers an incredible picture with plenty of light and high impact. You will see texture and every fine nuance. These can be placed in a short throw custom cabinet right under your screen or hidden out of sight in your ceiling until you press a button and settle in for your favorite show.

If your room is large and you want that life-sized image of your favorite artist playing music or quarterback, a projector may be the solution. And, if you are remodeling, bring us in early to ensure the optimum design and can provide the wiring before walls are closed. We can help you feel more certain about what will work the best by coupling the right video projector and screen with the earth-shaking speakers, great acoustical treatments, theater seats and a control system. To watch your favorites, we can make it one press to drop the screen, dim the lights and start the projector. All you have to do is provide the popcorn, sit back and enjoy.

What’s Happing in the Wonderful World of TV and Displays.

Control it all from your comfy couch.

“Hey Google.” Now that’s all it takes for hands-free control of entertainment. We notice people really get excited about their movies, gaming and shows when they’re part of a complete control system. Why? Because a control system lets you find, and cast your favorite videos, streaming apps, and play music with a simple voice command or press on your smartphone. And this can be done with the device you prefer. We have options that can be personalized to suit you such as remote controls, keypads, touchscreens, mobile apps and more.

How can I get started?

We welcome a safe visit to our one-of-a kind showroom, or we can start with a virtual meeting. It’s your choice! We are here as a resource to answer all your questions and bring you advanced knowledge to help you make the right selections. As a long-time, family run team, there is no one in Ohio who brings you the experience and training like we do.

Contact us here for a live demo or to set a private consultation with our team today!

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