Outdoor Music + Sound

Take Your Music Where Only the Sky’s the Limit.

Music flows from covert speakers, setting the aura on your terrace or your entire property. With your smartphone,
bring on the soothing jazz as you sip martinis. Today’s home entertainment is no longer confined inside your walls. Now you can enjoy your favorite tunes in any – and every – part of the yard. The latest speakers include wireless or wired and are robust for covered or wide-open spaces where you want to listen to music. A touch on your mobile app and you can envelope your party guests and entire perimeter in high-quality music. From a small set of speakers on a deck to a full-blown premium sound system that seems to come from every angle, we can boost your holidays, parties and everyday living.

Wireless Speakers for Every Yard

Wireless Speakers for Every Yard

Take your outdoor living to a whole new level with a set of wireless Sonos speakers coupled with a subwoofer. The beauty is these can be moved about, and you can add more easily as you grow your outdoor space or want more coverage.

Landscape & Hidden Speakers for Broad Coverage

Immersive sound emanates from invisible landscape or rock speakers and underground subs for music to extend across a pool or entire estate property. You’ll enjoy great sound and never see where it’s coming from.

Landscape and Hidden Speakers for Broad Coverage

Take It Outside With Jamiesons’ AV.

Enjoy Music and Movies Everywhere You Want.

So go ahead, open the door to paradise where all the entertainment goes wherever you go. Modern living includes taking your music and video from the kitchen to the patio to poolside, without missing a beat or a game snap. New outdoor audio technologies include stylish, moveable wireless speakers, all-weather landscape speakers in a variety of colors, robust underground subwoofers and simple outdoor control from keypads or your own mobile devices.

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Some of Our Exciting Outdoor Entertainment Options.

Our design team can create a complete, easy-to-use system that you will fall in love with and wonder how you ever lived without. We are Ohio’s & Southeast Michigan's experts in:

  • Sonos Wireless Speakers
  • Landscape Speakers and Subwoofers
  • All Weather TVs and Large Displays
  • One Touch Controls and Mobile Apps
  • And more!