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Now that you have stunning TVs and an incredible sound system, where will equipment be stored and where will you sit to enjoy the most exciting theater experience? We also offer an array of gorgeous, high-quality and handcrafted furniture such as theater seating or sectional couches, designer media cabinets and real-wood furniture racks for products that you want to showcase. We offer acoustical treatments that enhance the experience and can create sound barriers from the rest of the house. Let's take your theater room to a whole new level with the latest in designer furniture that’s customized to suit your family for years to come.


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Serious Seating

Our luxury theater and media room seating offers all the latest including special lumbar and headrests for hours of comfort, LED lights for dark rooms, seat shakers, cup holders and quality materials.

Custom Component Cabinets and Stands

For your AV component storage, you can either hide it away neatly in one of our designer custom media cabinets, or showcase high-performance products on an open, handcrafted wood rack for all to see! All can be customized to match!


The Finest Furniture and Seating You Can Find.

Audio and Video for Today’s Generation – Backed by Decades of Innovation.

Home theater today is much more than hanging a big screen on the wall and placing a set of speakers on the floor! Now you can get the entire, state-of-the art cinema experience with designer theater seating that’s even better than anything you have ever enjoyed in any commercial theater. Plus, you have great choice in component storage, including open equipment racks where everyone can see and be awe-inspired by your high-quality components. Or, you can tuck them all neatly away in a handcrafted media cabinet that matches your décor precisely.

Designing and delivering the finest home theater from start to finish is one of greatest specialties. Based on years of delivering awesome entertainment and cinema rooms, we can select and install the finest furniture to suit your every need and keep you comfy for hours at a time for your favorite films or shows.

Visit our showroom to experience all of our home theater offerings. Together, we will design the best home theater you can imagine!

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Some of Our Exciting Home Theater Options.

Our design team can create a complete, easy-to-use system that you will fall in love with and wonder how you ever lived without. We are Ohio’s & Southeast Michigan's experts in:

  • Dedicated Home Theater
  • Latest in Video Projectors
  • Large Projector Screens
  • Premium Sound Systems and 2-Channel Audio
  • Theater Seating + Furniture
  • And more!