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Today’s Convenient, Connected Home Can Be Yours.

Homes now incorporate many systems such as music, video, lighting and internet. We are also doing more at home such as playing, entertaining, learning and working. All of this requires a robust, modern system that keeps you connected, productive and enjoying life to the fullest. A connected home means that there is a seamless interface between products, devices and you. And, that things can be easily automated for example, lights that go off at a certain time each night. At Jamiesons’ AV, we can design and deliver a completely connected home that functions and entertains you in ways you never thought possible. All your systems can be at your command with one simple touch from the devices you want – from anywhere inside or outside the home.

All Systems Are Seamlessly Connected

All Systems Are Seamlessly Connected

With a touch on a mobile device, you’ll have full visibility and control of your home’s systems – whether a few products or many. A smart home is a happy home where things perform best and you get what you want – when you want it, from anywhere.

Powerful, Simple Control of Everything

Let us put your connected home at your command where one press can automatically dim lights, drop the shades and start your favorite show. Home systems all come together in one easy-to-use control device that is customized just for you.

Your Favorite Music Is in Your Hands.

A Deeper Connection for You and Your Home.

A Deeper Connection for You and Your Home.

Jamiesons’ AV offers the very latest in today’s connected home systems. We bring things together in ways that are easier for you to automate in the moment or on schedules based on time of day or even time of year. This makes life at home most convenient, comfortable and entertaining for you and yours.

As you drive up to your home, lights can come on automatically. Or, if you realize you left the kitchen lights on at night, no more running downstairs to manually turn them off. Now you can press an icon on your smart phone and instantly turn all house lights off. Life is easier and less stressful in a connected home by Jamiesons’ AV.

We offer total home assessment, design and installation for new and existing homes, so you can be in complete command from anywhere. Elevate your home and your lifestyle with Jamiesons’ AV.

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Some of Our Exciting Connected Home Options.

Our design team can create a complete, easy-to-use system that you will fall in love with and wonder how you ever lived without. We are Ohio’s & Southeast Michigan's experts in:

  • Seamless Control of Music, Moves and Home Entertainment
  • Automation of Lights, Shades and More
  • Connected Home Systems
  • One Touch Home Theater Controls
  • Outdoor Entertainment Controls
  • And more!