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Get True Audiophile Quality Music at Home.

Music moves us. It can instantly take us back to a moment in time. The right audiophile-quality speakers and audio components can elevate every song, soundtrack and memory. Imagine bringing a breathtaking concert experience to your own home. We’re known for having the widest range of the finest 2-Channel and audio systems to bring all your sound to life. We deliver groundbreaking, studio-grade audio technologies that make the magic happen. You’ll discover nuances you never noticed such as fingertips strumming the guitar as if the artist is in the room. This is the beauty of true, high-fidelity music and we can bring it to multiple spaces — or to that special listening room where you escape from the world.

Awesome Audiophile Components

Awesome Audiophile Components

Audiophile-quality, premium components such as McIntosh, deliver the finest in design and sound to shake you to your core and experience music in a whole new way.

The Most Serious Speakers Around

Great sound at home is created by the right speakers and components. From breathtaking, incredible-sounding floor-standing speakers to the latest in subwoofers and surround sound packages, we’ve got it.

The Most Serious Speakers Around
Big, Beautiful Bass for Every Application 

Big, Beautiful Bass for Every Application

No buzz, just bass. Carefully placed subwoofers can deliver deep, beautiful bass in any area. You’ll discover – and feel – new depth to every song and soundtrack you listen to.

Access Your Favorite Music Instantly

We can configure your awesome audio system to have simple controls using the devices you choose such as a remote or mobile app. Finding favorites or a playlist is fast, so you can simply select and enjoy!

Access Your Favorite Music Instantly

Performance Sound and Components Make the Music Magic.

Performanc Sound and Components Make the Music Magic.

From full surround sound that envelopes you from every angle to subwoofers that rock the house, we offer every kind of audiophile-quality speaker, sub and sound solution. As experts, we know the only way to bring out the full emotion and power of your music is to have the most premium-grade options. And we have access to them all.

We’re passionate about audio performance and would be happy to have you listen to our options from Sonos to Bowers & Wilkens and beyond, then put together a personalized system that will profoundly move you with the most astounding audio experience you have ever heard.

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Some of Our Exciting Performance and 2-Channel Audio Options.

Our design team can create a complete, easy-to-use system that you will fall in love with and wonder how you ever lived without. We are Ohio’s & Southeast Michigan's experts in:

  • Premium, 2-Channel Audio and Sound Systems
  • High-end Amplifiers and Tube Amps
  • Premium, Beautiful Floor-Standing and Shelf Speakers
  • Complete Surround Sound Systems
  • The Latest in Stunning Turntables
  • Audio Cabling and Accessories
  • And more!