Everything Is a Touch Away in Your Control4 Smart Home.

Homes today are full of technology and systems such as entertainment products, lights, shades, HVAC and more. We are the authorized, Control4 experts in the region at bringing all these systems together into one, easy-to-use interface to control your music, movies, lights and more – all with a simple touch from the devices you want. These controls can include remotes, touchscreens or on-wall keypads and even your smart devices. Our integrated home systems can incorporate a few or all your electronics into one seamless solution.

All Electronics Are at Your Command

All Electronics Are at Your Command

With a touch on a Control4 device, you can instantly access and adjust every home electronic subsystem. We can deliver this extraordinary experience with touchscreens in handy locations throughout your home for easy, immediate control.

Your Favorite Music Is in Your Hands

All your music can be a button press away from wherever you are! See full cover art and titles, then play or create playlists in seconds. Even choose music from streaming services such as Pandora, Spotify and more with a handy mobile app.

Your Favorite Music Is in Your Hands.
The Magic of Movies – Made Even Better

The Magic of Movies – Made Even Better

Using a Control4 interface, today’s theaters are made even more magical. Press and icon to turn on the projector and watch a movie from Netflix, Prime Video, or Blu-ray player in your theater – or any room. Access to shows is fast, easy and more fun!

Powerful, Simple Control Devices

Let us put everything at your command with controls for lighting, entertainment, shades and more. These systems come together in one easy-to-use remote control or device that is customized by our team just for you.

Powerful, Simple Control Devices

A Control4 Smart Home Makes Life More Convenient and Fun.

A Control4 Smart Home Makes Life More Convenient and Fun.

With our Control4 solutions, it is convenient and fun to set music and lights throughout the house for entertaining or relaxing. When you wake up in the morning, you’ll simply reach for your phone and open the shades and turn on the weather report with a touch. Or, if you are away on vacation, you can look at your phone to see that house lights are on from across town or across the globe!

Home control makes your daily entertainment and activities far more convenient, allowing you to sit back and enjoy your home and life more. We offer total home assessment, design and installation for new and existing homes, so you can be in complete command from anywhere. Elevate your home and lifestyle with a Control4 system personalized by Jamiesons’ AV.

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Some of Our Exciting Control4 Smart Home Options.

Our design team can create a complete, easy-to-use system that you will fall in love with and wonder how you ever lived without. We are Ohio’s & Southeast Michigan's experts in:

  • Seamless Control of Music, Moves and Home Entertainment
  • Automation of Lights, Shades and More
  • Connected Home Systems
  • One Touch Home Theater Controls
  • Outdoor Entertainment Controls
  • And more!