Turntables, Headphones + Accessories

All the Accessories to Complete
Your High-Performance Audio System.

In addition to the finest in speakers and sound systems, we offer all the top-quality accessories to complete your audio project. This includes the most artful and innovative new turntables, latest in headphones, premium audio cabling and more. The right high-fidelity audio accessories will enhance your total listening and entertainment experience – in one room, every room, and even outdoors. Let’s make the music matter again and reach new pinnacles of sound performance right in your own home.

Spinning Records Just Got Better

Spinning Records Just Got Better

Top-grade audiophile turntables bring both art and music together into one show-stopping, detailed piece where you can spin vinyl. Even distribute your turntable music throughout the house.

Never Miss a Beat With Superior Headphones

Quiet, comfortable, wired or wireless, the very latest in headphones can provide sound quality you cannot imagine. And at Jamiesons’ AV, we bring the finest brands to you and your ears.

Never Miss a Beat With Superior Headphones
Optimize Your Output With Quality Cables.

Optimize Your Output With Quality Cables

Powerful entertainment requires cables that can deliver uncompromising quality. Every cable, including HDMI, headphone and speaker cables and beyond – we can outfit your system for maximum performance.

Always Get Audio Accessories From the Pros

We can configure your awesome audio system to have simple controls using the devices you choose such as a remote or mobile app. Finding favorites or a playlist is fast, so you can simply select and enjoy!

Always Get Audio Accessories From the Pros

Make the Most of Your Music With the Most Awesome Accessories.

Make the Most of Your Music With the Most Awesome Accessories.

Uncompromising sound quality and performance is created with the right accessories that perform best with your speakers and components. We have access to the very best headphones, cabling, audio jacks and everything necessary to finish out your project in the way that you expect and deserve.

As the regional audio and video experts, we know the only way to bring out the full emotion and power of your music is to look at your audio as a complete system and ensure every detail is considered. We’re passionate about audio performance and would be happy to have you see, hear and experience all our options at our showroom. Here, you will immediately understand why Jamiesons’ AV is truly different. 

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Some of Our Exciting Performance and 2-Channel Audio Options. 

Our design team can create a complete, easy-to-use system that you will fall in love with and wonder how you ever lived without. We are Ohio’s & Southeast Michigan's experts in:

  • Premium, 2-Channel Audio and Sound Systems
  • High-end Amplifiers and Tube Amps
  • Premium, Beautiful Floor-Standing and Shelf Speakers
  • Complete Surround Sound Systems
  • The Latest in Stunning Turntables
  • Audio Cabling and Accessories
  • And more!