Commercial Spaces

Make Doing Business Easier and More Productive.

Conference rooms, boardrooms, educational spaces, retail environments and more. Today’s businesses have plenty of audio, video, lighting, microphones, cameras and other technology. As such, commercial and educational facilities demand easier, faster ways to connect and collaborate. Plus, some part of every team is now working remotely, so it’s become even more important in ensuring people can connect with each other regularly to be most productive. At Jamiesons’ AV, we can bring the best in sound, video, media and technology into one easy-to-use system to serve any enterprise space or need.

Video Solutions for Every Enterprise Space

Video Solutions for Every Enterprise Space

Depending upon the size of your room and the picture quality desired, we bring precisely the right video solution to your business. Our commercial-grade projectors will enhance your viewing and collaboration experiences.

Premium, Commercial
Audio Systems

From conference and board rooms to private restaurants, we bring you premium audio systems for the optimum atmosphere or presentation delivery. We can outfit a small office up to a large restaurant, and everything in between.

Premium, Commercial Audio Systems
Simple Controls Everyone Can Use

Simple Controls Everyone Can Use

Let us put everything at your command with controls for business media, lighting, motorized shading and other electronics. We bring all these systems together in one easy-to-use device that anyone can use, even visitors.

Take Training to the Top With Advanced AV

Training at a company or an educational facility is crucial these days. By integrating video projectors, sound systems, white boards and conferencing into one simple solution, the ability for employees and students to learn is fully realized.

Take Training to the Top With the Best AV Around

Boardroom to Bar, We Offer the Best AV Systems in Town.

Boardroom to Bar, We Offer the Best AV Systems in Town.

For a meeting or conference, attendees should be able to focus on the content and collaboration, rather than the technology working (or not working). We remove all the complexity. Our enterprise AV technology offerings deliver the smoothest presentations, meetings and workflow. Jamiesons’ AV offers a wide array of the latest in commercial electronics such as video projectors, motorized screens, TVs, display boards, video conferencing and control of it all with one touch on a simple mobile app, screen or wall keypad.

For restaurants, bars, retail and other such spaces, we can liven things up with great sound, streaming media and automated lights that adjust at a specific time of day. We can help you create the atmosphere you desire for your customers, and even set up controls that are specific for managers versus staff. Let’s design and deliver that system that will take your business to a whole new level of ease and enjoyment.

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Some of Our Exciting Commercial Space Options.

Our design team can create a complete, easy-to-use system that you will fall in love with and wonder how you ever lived without. We are Ohio’s & Southeast Michigan's experts in:

  • Commercial Sound and Video Systems
  • Video and Message Display Boards
  • One Touch Conferencing
  • Seamless Control of Media
  • Retail, Restaurant and Bar AV and Automation
  • Educational AV Systems
  • Connected Business and Wi-Fi Systems
  • And more!